The Upside of No Faxing Cash Advances

Money makes the world go round and this is never more evident than when you have late bills or unexpected costs fall in your lap. Millions of individuals and families live from paycheck to paycheck and find themselves financially challenged when unexpected costs arise. While you could always turn to friends or family for a loan, or take your chances with a bank, there is always another option. No faxing cash advances have become increasing popular and are available to almost anyone in need of money.

Unexpected costs can come from anywhere, but they need to be solved all the same. Examples of common causes for individuals to seek out a cash advance include:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Auto repair costs
  • Home repair expenses

Other reasons for seeking out a cash advance can vary from individual to individual. Some need a cash advance to avoid paying late fees on credit cards, utility bills, or mortgage payments. Others use a cash advance to buffer their checking account in order to avoid overdraft charges on their account. Regardless of the reason for its need, cash advances are almost all the same.

The basic requirements for obtaining a cash advance are the same regardless of the type of cash advance. Most lenders will require individuals to be at least 18 years old, have a checking account, and be able to prove that they have been steadily employed over the past month. Applications for a cash advance can easily be filled out at a retail location or from the comfort of your own home by visiting sites such as Many applications are completed in a matter of minutes, and for most individuals the approval process is instantaneous.

No faxing cash advances are the latest trend in cash advances. Individuals in need of a cash advance need only log on to websites such as and fill out an application. Within minutes they will have submitted their application and in most cases have approval in hands. Normally, online cash advances require individuals to print out and return via fax a signed copy of the loan term agreements. However, the advent of no faxing cash advances has allowed lenders to streamline the process.

Now, individuals can not only get their cash advance without a credit score requirement, they can more easily and quickly get the money into their account. Not everyone has easy access to a fax machine, making the cash advance process a little more difficult for these individuals. No faxing cash advances make it possible for anyone to have access to the cash advances they need to solve their financial woes.

It is important to remember however that cash advances should be used wisely. No faxing cash advances make credit available to many quickly, but just because credit is available doesn’t mean it should be taken. Cash advances come with very high interest charges when they are not paid back on time, making them dangerous to your credit standing if you are not capable of paying them back on time.